In her latest publication, the Patientenpostille [Patient Pamphlet] Of Polar Bears and Waiting Room Chairs, Angelika invites her readers to enter with her the confusing, beautiful and bizarre world of people who find themselves newly diagnosed with cancer. Fear not, dear reader, sick people are mostly harmless!

The author after her 10th round of chemo, November 2021

In ihrer neuesten Publikation, der Patientenpostille Of Polar Bears and Waiting Room Chairs [Von Eisbären und Wartezimmerstühlen] , lädt Angelika ihre Leser dazu ein, mit ihr die verwirrende, schöne und bizarre Welt der neu an Krebs Erkrankten zu betreten. Keine Angst, liebe Leser, Kranke beißen (meistens) nicht!


In "Zeitgeister", Angelika invites you to look at 12 of her hand-falsified updated master works, originally created by painters such as Caspar David Friedrich, Vincent Van Gogh, Édouard Manet, Paul Gauguin, and others.

With Angelika's various improvements, these selected Old Masters fit much better now into our understanding of the modern world.

Zeitgeister Van Gogh

The Windy Musicissimus

The Windy Musicissimus is your easy-to-use fact-filled guide into the wood and brass wind players' world. No need any more to look through dozens of compendiums describing musicians! 12 species, all completed with illustrations, followed by a description of the single species, will now be at your fingertips while you are exploring on a month to month basis the wind musicians' natural environments. None of the included species is threatened by extinction.

The Windy Musicissimus

The Windy Musicissimus

About Angelika

Angelika Kirchmeyer aka Grandini is the author of "Patientenpostille Of Polar Bears and Waiting Room Chairs", "Zeitgeister", "Last Exit to Roadkill", "How much is five?", "The Windy Musicissimus", "Rascal the Treerat", "Catpressions - a calendar of the feline mind", "Bouillabaisse, Fishing for English I and II", "German Literatry, your guide to German classics", "Gustav the gay eagle called Gagle", "Camelot and El Mamba the Desert Duet", "Leesburg Stories", "Angelika in USA surprising little things calendar", "Harmlessify your yard", "Penguins Galore!", "When in Rome", and many more entirely and completely unnecessary pieces of work.

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How Much Is Five?

Papercover: 120 pages | 358 Illustrations | Language: English
© November 2013 Angelika Kirchmeyer | ISBN: 978-0-615-88520-9 | Printed in U.S.A.
Product Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 inches | Weight: 13 Ounces (the book, not me)

How Much Is Five? ...

... goes back in time, exhibiting a large part of 10 years' worth of Angelika Kirchmeyer's calendars and funnies. Within How Much Is Five? Angelika also allows her readers to follow her train of thoughts while she is creating something (Caution: Chances are that you will be disappointed.)

How Much Is Five? is supposed to make you smile. Angelika: "I realize that my jokes are sometimes actually killing people." That means, How Much Is Five? makes for a great gift for friends and foes alike!

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