Nov 2016:
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Angelika Kirchmeyer

Girl with a French horn Earring

Portrait of Mlle Kirchmeyer by Rev. Reem
Paris, ca. 1992
Oil on canvas

Angelika Kirchmeyer is also the author of "Last Exit to Roadkill", "How much is five?", "The Windy Musicissimus", "Rascal the Treerat", "Catpressions - a calendar of the feline mind", "Bouillabaisse, Fishing for English I and II", "German Literatry, your guide to German classics", "Gustav the gay eagle called Gagle", "Camelot and El Mamba the Desert Duet", "Leesburg Stories", "Angelika in USA surprising little things calendar", "Harmlessify your yard", "Penguins Galore!", "When in Rome", and many more entirely and completely unnecessary pieces of work.

Born and raised in Germany, she currently works and lives in Northern Virginia, USA.
Gallery Map Zeitgeister Exhibition In her newest calendar "Zeitgeister", Angelika invites you to look at 12 of her hand-falsified updated master works, originally created by painters such as Caspar David Friedrich, Vincent Van Gogh, Édouard Manet, Paul Gauguin, and others.

With Angelika's various improvements, these selected Old Masters fit much better now into our understanding of the modern world.

To express her esteem for the Old Masters as well as for the visitors of her Zeitgeister Exhibition, Angelika makes plenty of references to both the original painters and to the changes that she made by the choice of noms de plume, titles, years, and locations.

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