Last Exit to Roadkill

In her newest calendar "Last Exit to Roadkill", Angelika takes you on a journey to the most beloved city creatures that have found food and shelter in our homes and towns and a place in our hearts. This wall calendar 2015 features wildlife city dwellers of Virginia who have also been famously immortalized in movies such as "The Shawskunk Redemption" or the 1941 jewel "Opossums in the dust".

Angelika Kirchmeyer is also the author of "How much is five?", "The Windy Musicissimus", "Rascal the Treerat", "Catpressions - a calendar of the feline mind", "Bouillabaisse, Fishing for English I and II", "German Literatry, your guide to German classics", "Gustav the gay eagle called Gagle", "Camelot and El Mamba the Desert Duet", "Leesburg Stories", "Angelika in USA surprising little things calendar", "Harmlessify your yard", "Penguins Galore!", "When in Rome", and many more entirely and completely unnecessary pieces of work.

Born and raised in Germany, she currently works and lives in Northern Virginia, USA.
Last Exit to Roadkill

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January February March April May June
Fantastic Boar Dirty Rotten Squirrels Back to the Vulture Don Coyote de la Mancha The Frogfather
July August September October November December
Deer and Present Danger A night at the Foxburrow The Shawskunk Redemption Groundhog Millionaire Raccoon Opossums in the Dust 

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